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So Is What Is Happening if Your left breast feel different than your right breast?

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Hi Marco
You need to be more specific as to what you mean by "feel" 
If you feel a lump then, as for women, you need to get yourself ched by a doctor. Gynecomastia or no, men can., a do, get breast cancer.
If you mean this type of "feel", do not allow yourself get too obsessed by feeling them too often. Once a month is enough for really checking them out. However, I do appreciate that not touching or casual feeling is almost impossible given the wonder (or perhaps annoyance} of what is happening. 
If there are no lumps, chill out and try to enjoy them either yourself or with a partner. 

If you mean feel just feel different as in sensation - soreness, sensitivity etc it is probably just a diffence in growth. Growth does not happen evenly and final size almost always is not exactly the same. Bizarrely, sometimes gyno can be one sided. I say bizarrely, because the same hormone stew reaches every part of our bodies.
Discomfort is almost always alleviated by a well fitting bra. 
Almost 100% of men with gyno who try a bra never turn back!!
Go Figure

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What he means is he was called out for being a troll and a half and took a few months from posting anything after a few weeks of posting constantly waited for attention to die down and decided to come back lol. This guy (shaking my head) 

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Don't feed the trolls...

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Dudewithboobs I think somebody is pulling our legs.

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