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Just because you have breast you don't have to wear a bra at all! I feel that if you develop that nasty rash under your breast from a yeast infection or you find comfort in wearing a bra why would you want to wear a bra at all? They uncomfortable  restrict movement and are very ugly!

I'm not sure why Im even attempting t9 explain this but, here goes. Bras are made for support and comfort and shape of breasts.  I the last bra that I was an Elomi Matilda in a 38H. Its a lace cup underwire. I can't go braless. A bra helps me.get through my day.. Otherwise the girls are running wild under my shirt. I end up with my skin irritated. Boob sweat is awful to deal with and embarrassing too! Not to mention how heavy they get. A good, well fitted bra makes all of these things go away.

You obviously have never had to deal with these issues and don't understand what acceptance means.  It means that you accept both the good and the bad that goes with having breasts.
You stated the 2 reasons that I said one might what to wear a bra! I too put one one when I have to deal with the rash or yeast infection! I'm big myself and it help the tie them down!

But just because one has breast doesn't mean that they need to rust out and buy a bra! In the 60s I remember woman burning then in protest and I also know of many who can't wait to get home from work to get them off, and I have had days I've had one one all day too!

You have someone telling people who sign on that they have breast that look like a woman and that he must go out buy a bra and wear it every day! No one has to wear a bra every day! There is no medical evidence that it is necessary! I think that this is very extreme advice!

I agree, bras are for breast, but let's not get so extreme and carried away!

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First off, might I suggest that you re-read your previous post?  You said that having breasts does not make you require a bra (and I agree to a certain extent).  Then you questioned why one would wear a bra if they develop an underboob rash or find bras more comfortable.  Then you reinforced that by saying bras are uncomfortable, restrictive and ugly (the concensus seems to be that discomfort is mainly from wearing the wrong size).  So what you said now is the polar opposite of what you said earlier.  Did you make a mistake in the previous post?  Maybe, and for now I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.  But your wording there certainly made you come across as a typical internet troll.  If you made a mistake in that post, please edit that post to prevent further misunderstandings.

As for your latest comment about how women have burned bras in the 60's, that may be.  But again, keep in mind most women wear the wrong size.  So that will have an impact on how women see bras.

And lastly.  I'm not expecting you to entirely stop that overnight (as they say, old habits die hard), but please at least try to not use exclamation marks at the end of every sentence.  Typing like that on a forum does not look very mature.  Plus it creates the impression that you're shouting at the reader.


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I have had formal fittings but I still find bras tight and restrictive!

Personal opinion! So are some types of under wear!

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I find bras to be a necessity. For me to have to comfort and support to get through the day, i need a bra.

I have feet and wear shoes. I also have breasts and wear a bra.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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I think that's the whole point with this sub forum. Acceptance is directly coupled to comfort. It has nothing to do with anything but my comfort. For years I put up with pain and other discomforts. After I overcame the fear of being called a freak, that had already happened long before, and decided I needed support for my breasts, the comfort gained from wearing a bra showed me it was the right call. That's acceptance to me. 


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