Author Topic: Scar Revision (skin only, not internal) - anyone had experience with this?  (Read 2513 times)

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Hi. Had my surgery about 1.5 years ago and am a bit unhappy with how the scar on one side has healed - it looks ok most of the time but when I'm cold and my skin tightens up, the scar turns bit red and kinda bunches up and goes hard...causes a kind of raised lip along the incision line that makes the scar much more obvious.

I spoke to my surgeon the other day who said he could "cut the scar out" and stitch it back together, basically removing the surface skin that didn't heal well. He made out like its not a big deal, but he generally seems to play issues like this down a bit, so I'm wondering how much of a pinch of salt to take this with.

Obviously my main concern is that something goes wrong and it ends up looking even worse than before.

Has anyone else had this done? What was your experience like? Did it improve the overall look?



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