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Thank Most here will agree but we are definitely the exception to the rule of society. Most in public will likely agree it’s for women still. Luckily it seems no one really notices so who cares overall lol.

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Thanks to this forum, man is not alone with this burden.
I personally don’t like imposing someone else’s opinion. By imposition I mean when a person thinks that only his opinion is right and everything else is wrong. Before I came across this forum, I often came across views on the Internet that a man's breasts are not normal and that every normal man must solve this problem. By solution is meant surgery. Also, on reddit I can see teenagers and older people putting their pictures before surgery and after surgery. Some cases should not be operated on at all, as they barely enter the first grade of gynecomastia. And it is not clear to me that there is no parameter below which the operation should not be repeated. Also, many pictures of the operated give me the impression of disfigurement. For me personally, it's not aesthetically pleasing. They know how to find pictures of very well performed operations. But it seems to me that this is all a big risk. And on the financial side, it costs a lot.
Not to generalize, I understand younger people, because I was young myself and went through a lot. But still, some code should exist, not to exploit these young people, because they can easily be persuaded into surgery that is sometimes unnecessary.
Of course, health reasons are something else and there should be no compromise when it comes to solving any problem, including gynecomastia.

@SideSet and @aboywithgirls
thank you

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It all boils down to money. Several industries make their bottom line off of convincing people they are not enough. I understand those looking for the products and services for their needs, but the implied shaming of those that do not fit super model men and women is horse manure!


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