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okay, i'm 16 years old about 5'8' maybe 5'9' i weight around 175 lbs. i gained weight when i got into high school. my man boobs were like bad before. but as i have been getting taller they seem like they are decreasing somewhat. i'm over weight for my height im pretty sure of that but my nipples are puffy and have a little hard piece in them it feels like but ill just post my pics and wait to see what you all think. thank you in advance. man boobs kid  :-/

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i look like u have some gland and fat in your chest.
sorry to say yes u have gyno

       Bye Wolfman
i finally feel like im a man

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Looks like a moderate case, 6-7 out of 10.  I know it is hard but over the 1 year or so your body will be making alot of changes. Things may get alot better on its own, sorry man i can feel your pain.
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