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Actually I do not deserve any credit, My youngest daughter and her husband just presented me with what will likely be my last grandchild. I am not really sure how many that makes I thought it was number 27 but my wife says only 26.

Anyway, my children are all busy becoming grandparents now so the great-grandchildren are coming almost too fast to keep track of.   

I had four children of my own and four step children but I claim them all as my own.   I think the discrepancy may arise from the fact that I am claiming the step-child of one of my step-children. Hell, I just don't know.  Actually you go through so much hell with step children they ought to count double anyway.

We are planning a camping trip again for summer. It looks like the favorite will be Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. We especially like Sheep Creek Campground in that area. This is, among other things, a major trailhead for hikers going into the High Sierra Wilderness areas. It is also a place where I have camped off and on since I was a boy of 9 years of age in 1946.  It was the first time since the war started that we were able to go anywhere due to Gas Rationing all through the War.  We only go there once in a while, but it is our clear favorite in spite of being a really long drive.
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Congratulations Dan!

As far as the step children, if you treat them as yours, they are yours, just as if you have adopted them!

We just had our 4th grandchild and know how exciting that was, I can't even imagine your excitement with a grandchild being born while having all the great grand children too! I'm not sure I'll even see the day of having a great grand child. Enjoy the blessings that God has givin you, oh I know you do, I didn't even need to say that!

Enjoy your trip! I'm hoping to get a trail riding/camping trip in the fall. I'm sure that I'll feel good enough by then to ride the 4 wheeler if I take it easy. Where we used to deer hunt near  Lake Surerior is a 90,000 state forest full of ATV trails, and I'd like to give that a look from a slow ride once.

God bless you and the all the rest of your family

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Congratulations Dan! That is great! May God bless and keep both you and yours and may His Shalom be with you all, always!!


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