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Just satin panties with front support. Been wearing women's panties for 30 years and control front for about 4 years. My doctors told me to get the best support for my testies and his nurse said don't spend 50 bucks for the men's shorts, just buy the front support womens panties. She knew I already wore women's panties anyway and really they give me the best support and still comfortable.
May i ask what's front support panties and how can i tell?
The package will state front support of you buy them in a package. They can come 2-3 in a package. If they are hanging up they will have a different kind of a fabric in the front offering tighter support in the stomach area, but lacey or something similar in the back. I have only seen waist high that covers the entire lower stomach.
I don't use those, but it's what I have seen while shopping.

Here are some examples:
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