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 hi all... just wanted to let all parents of gyno kids you can find a surgeon to do a reduction.i took my son to surgeon 1 and he said he wouldnt do surgery since my son was so young and only started puberty, he also said i could go for second opinion but he would assure me no dr. would though he admited my son had very bad gyno mastia,i did go for second opinion at a childrens hospital and that next dr. didnt hesitate ,,thank god! it was such a great day to tell my son he would have his surgery my tough 13 yr old literally cried with joy and relief. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP!some dr's will do young kids i paid insurance will cover this age normally ,but id have sold anything i owned to give him his self esteem is so worth it .also i bought him underworks , com the compression shirts they were a huge help at 45 $ a t-shirt but sooo work to flatten chest i hope this helps someone ...

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it might, but the first dr's advice wasn't completely useless, you might check with an endocrinologist occasionally to help watch against a recurrence till he gets through another 5-6 years. 
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Lol great!
Be my mom too please!!!  ;D

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lol that sounds exactly like my story only im the the kid i had mine last week and i fell great im glad your son had it done
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