Author Topic: 16 y/o son's surgery is tomorrow!  (Read 3692 times)

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My husband is a Teamster and his Health and Welfare fund approved it!  Son is having a bilateral mastectomy with liposuction and a peri-areolar mastopexy.  I am so happy for him as he has wanted this for a long time.

I forgot to ask the doc, how long will he be down in bed recovering from this?  I'm asking how many days where he won't want to go anywhere and will be in bed most of the time?  What is the recovery curve like?

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Depending upon the extent of the surgery and his resilience, He may come home feeling ready to resume his normal activities within a couple of days or he might feel a bit like he was pretty beat-up for a couple of weeks. You should have recieved a prescription for a pain medication. Presuming he was given an adequate supply, how long would they last? That should give you a clue.
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