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Let me preface by saying that I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum for I am not a parent/family-member/friend of a gynecomastia sufferer, I am one. If it is not, please excuse my e-faux pas.

 I wanted to bring up a common issue that I see quite often on the boards, the issue of parental denial. My mom adores me, but she has a long history of denying my faults. For example, I use to be fairly overweight but she refused to say I was fat, always opting for euphemisms such as "husky," (a-la Cartman's mom). She has always denied that my chest looks strange. She will point out muscular men with large chests and say "See, that's a regular shape." By now I just roll my eyes,  ::) , because I'm used to it. Recently, however, I have finally been able to convince her that I do have a problem (many special thanks to I would just like to see how many people have had similar experiences as mine. I think that it has probably been the most counterproductive thing possible because it has led me to believe that I could somehow burn it off, (though I admit that its been a couple of years since I became almost completely disillusioned with lifting weights to deal with my problem).  Let me elaborate: my brother probably had gyne, I think back and his chest was similar to mine. He may have had pseudo-gyne because I've talked to him about man-boobs and he said that he's gained and lost them at various points in his life. My mother always referred to him so I always thought that at some point my chest would magically flatten after I reached a certain age. By now she has become supportive and has agreed to help me pursue surgery sometime next year (I'll go through one year of college with gyne, but the rest I want to be gyne free!), but that took a LONG time.


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