Author Topic: How do I tell my parents?  (Read 3665 times)

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Hello everyone.
I am 21. I had gynecomastia since early puberty. I have been living with this condition for 10 years now and I just can’t stand it anymore. I feel like my life quality would increase dramatically if I get rid of gynecomastia. The only problem about all of this is that I just can’t start talking about this with my parents because I am too embarrassed. In the beggining I never thought about having the surgery but now I see it as the only way out.
I would like to know if anyone had the same problem like me?
Thank you


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I don't know what your relationship is like with your folks,  but as a parent and grandparent, we have a great open say/talk about anything relationship, therefore I would want and expect you just to be open and honest with your feelings!

The 1st step is the start of a journey of a long road, be it easy, or be it hard, you always must start with that 1st step!

Good luck!

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Simple really.  Pull up your question here on your computer screen and then call one of your parents into the room and simple tell them that you wrote it.   Let them do the talking and the asking.
If the parents are too close, call on the grandparents.  Sometimes it is easier to talk to them because while they are close enough to care, they are distant enough to be more impartial.  
Grandpa Dan


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