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I have posted in other areas that my wife and daughters always have been very supportive of me wearing a bra to support the breast! I told my Dad yesterday during our Christmas get together. He is 82 years old, but very much up to date with the world around him, as two of my nieces have lived with him and ma for years. He said it was about time, they needed to be supported as big as they are!

I had been telling him and my older brother (Also best friend) about the forum so they knew that I had been thinking about it.  I later told my brother, and he too had no problem. In fact, he said your not the only one in the family with big ones! I told him that I heard it is hereditary but mine are probably much bigger do to lost of testicles.

I think being open takes a lot of the stigma out of it and makes it feel much more normal to put the bra on. I have read several times in this forum "BRAS ARE FOR SUPPORTING BREAST, IT DOES'NT MATTER IF THEY ARE ON A MAN OR WOMAN".

I know that not all people can be as understanding as the ones that I have been blessed with, however, If you can get them to see what gyne is and the discomfort both physical and emotional that comes with this. It may help. I wanted to say understand what gyne is, but that may be asking to much, as it may be to hard to take it all in at one time for some.

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Nice post Hammer. As more and more environmental causes seem to lead to this issue being more widespread, it wouldnt surprise me if a man wearing a bra did start to lose stigma. I think the only thing that we can do is be supportive of our family's issues so they in turn will feel right at home (with good examples) of supporting ours. (and that goes for wearing a bra or wanting cosmetic surgery).

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Concerning a totally different matter over 60 years age, My great-grandmother opined there were three kinds of people. Those who cared but did not need an explanation, Those who did not warrant an explanation, and those who would expect an explanation but probably not believe it.

That said, any burden shared is made lighter. If some people skoff at you, simply ignore them and go on. A problem such as ours helps you sort out your true friends from the hangers on.

Being open can go a long way toward making your burden lighter. We tend to be our own worst enemies and secrecy simply breeds ignorance. If knowledge of Gynecomastia was more widespread the stigma would diminish.
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Thanks guys! Paa_Paw, your Great-grandmother was very wise!

I also like this, from a country song,

"I rather be hated for who I am, then loved for who I'm not"

I really believe this myself, and live by this statement.

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Nice to have a family you can be open with, thats great :)


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