Author Topic: Pain/Tenderness associated with GYN?  (Read 5278 times)

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My husband (healthy 65 year old) has been having pain and tenderness in and around the nipple.  His doctor has ordered a mammogram.  Is this a symptom of GYN?

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It could be a sign that something is going on. Tenderness and/or pain is often associated with glandular growth, you might recall similar things from your own teens.

At the age of 65, is it possible that he is on medication for BPH? Many of the medications used for that purpose list Gynecomatia, Swelling of the breasts, Tenderness of the breast, and related symptoms as possible side effects.

Male breast cancer is not common, but it does happen and your husband is in the right, or wrong, age range for this as most cases involve men in their 60's.

It sounds like your Dr. is on the right track though and may soon have an answer for you.

The answer could be as simple as lowering levels of testosterone due to age.

While the incidence of Gynecomastia for all adult males is thought to be about 30%, that number goes up to about 60% by the age of 70.

The good news is that Gynecomastia is rarely associated with pathology.
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