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Oh my, I am a bit overwhelmed by the response.  I just asked and disappeared 4 years ago when Renee started going in a different direction.  Back then, I knew they were developing breasts and had been sneaking into my underwear, but I had no idea I should be seeking advice on a transgender forum instead of here.

I felt you deserved an update, and to be honest, I love sharing about Renee.  I am so proud of her.  Although I have to admit I worry she is too precocious with boys, but then who am I to talk, getting pregnant in high school.  At least I don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancy with her ;)

Renee is now 5'8', willowy.  She dieted as soon as she said she had gender dysphoria (well, not in those exact words ha ha).  Her breasts shrunk to an A after her diet.  She was not happy about that. And now, even after a year on HRT, she is only back to just a tiny bit bigger than when I first put her in bras.

Renee has her own style.  She does things with makeup I would never dream of.  And her piercings make me light headed.  She likes to emphasize her full lips.  OMG, she says she wants boys to imagine what she knows how to do with them.  That attitude makes me feel old and I am not even 35.  But I just adore her, love to share pix of her, and enjoy the young woman she has become

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You have a beautiful daughter!!! She looks very happy 😊! I absolutely and totally understand how she feels. 

My mother had me start wearing a bra when I was 12. I wore my sister's hand me down bras for a few years but, I wasn't wearing one all the time until I was 16. She took me for my first fitting and buy me my own bras. I was a 34C. 

Last time we chatted, I was still presenting as male (sort of). I still identified as male. I was wearing ladies slacks and tops. That's all that fit me. I'm a 36G or H in most of my bras. Anyway my name is Sophie and I am a woman of transgender experience. I've been living full-time as a woman for over three years now and I have never been more happy. 

If you or your daughter have any questions, you can message me directly. 

Good luck and I am very excited and happy for your beautiful daughter. 



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