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Agreed! So wonderfully said. Whether you are male, female, neither or both, bras are not for women, they are for breasts. All of us who gather here, were lucky enough that our bodies gave us beautiful breasts that we can support and shape in beautiful garments. 

As a man, I was so happy to find this site where other men also accepted and even celebrated their lady lumps. 

As a woman, I am still happy to be here and share what I have learned about my own breasts and the bras that I wear for my breast shape, and  outfit, and how my mood will play a part in what bra I pick out of my top drawer to make my day better ☺️ 💖 💓 😌. 

Love you guys ♥️💓💖🫂

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  You're all spot on.  When I get up in the morning the first person I love is me. 
It doesn't matter if one is  over weight, underweight, has wide hips, mountains or mole hills.  Be happy in your skin and with your skin.

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I feel all of us who have breasts, but were not born as women, are quite vulnerable. We have an are something that is different from the norm. We often have been subjected to some form of abuse. 

Those here who were rigid and, in my opinion, bullying were just reacting out of their vulnerability. It didn’t make it easier to be around, though. 

We are AMAB and have developed breasts like AFAB.  The physiological factors that led to those breasts also lead to other physical and emotional differences from typical males.

I believe it is good for us to recognize the sensuality of the softer and smoother skin we have, the softer more curvy bodies, the more sensitive emotions.

In my view, it is both healthy and normal if we want to see how our breasts look and feel in that sexy bra. If we like it, great, maybe take it further. 

Interesting observation about the body hair. My body was completely smooth when I was developing breast as a teenager. Later I had the normal body hair of a male; that coincided with my period of denying, yet concealing. That’s some conflict, huh? Concealing what you deny.

Later, when my breast began growing again, I still have that body hair for which I was ridiculed on this site by those who said we were just males that happen to have breasts.  Those bullies had some instant conflicts, as I would thought they would have applauded my body hair.

Twice in my life bullies have led me to places I’m not quite sure they fully intended. As a teen, they got me to try bras they were teasing me about, and were helpful in ways they did not intend. Similarly, those here who tease me about my body here, got me to remove that hair, and see how much I looked and felt like a woman without that hair.

I have noticed over these past years of removing hair, there seems to be less and less of it.  I thought it was from the repetitive removal, but now I’m thinking it may be something else.  The repetitive removal of testosterone from my body, and the replacement with increased estrogen.  What an interesting journey.
How the hell did I miss this thread back in February?

Busty, this was/is me! I too have had the roller coaster ride of hair. Soft, then course, then fine and now, almost gone. My legs are so smooth, I had a friend ask me if I shaved my legs! And they used to be SO hairy when I was in my 20's! And I too saw that change as my bust has increased in size. Clearly due to the estrogen in my body. And my skin too has softened. Not to the point of a woman, but my wife has noticed how smooth and soft my hands have become. I do not use any moisturizer (I probably should). And even though I have developed the family male pattern baldness, the hair I have left is fine and thin, like a woman's. It used to be thick and course.
Womanhood is not defined by breasts, and breasts are not indicative of womanhood. - Melissa Fabello

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I woke up this morning made my coffee and while it brewed did my morning ritual of coming here and checking emails to start the day. I had no idea I’d be crying this morning. 
Busty this thread is absolutely beautiful, you are beautiful and your breasts are beautiful. I am so happy you have stuck around all these years to be who you are and sharing. Thanks for being an inspiration. 

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I also have gone down through the rabbit hole of hair to no hair. It was the testosterone loss initially. Then the estrogen dominance. What changes !
Now with the Prolactinoma, it also affects the hair follicles circulation by decreasing the volume. The arms are now going from long to short hair, and from dark to light. The chest hair too is becoming sparse from a year ago. Clown fringe was so crappy looking I shave that off too for many years. Sitting in the sun and light breeze now is a new experience from decades ago.
I like the lack of hair 
Regards, Bob

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You mentioned that you are wearing not only a bra but also a pantyhose.
Have you tried on other women's items as well?
I apologize in advance for this question, it stems from my experience:
since I've come to terms with the fact that I have female breasts, that bras fit me, something tempts me to try more.
It scares me a little and attracts me at the same time.

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Tik Tak, there is an aspect of "going over to the other side" that is unusual. 
i keep it ambiguous not to "hide" anything necessarily but because I am not flamboyant nor do i desire to bring attraction to myself. 
Clothing either side could wear is my main aspect, with some exception. 

But, there is a factor of clothing "fitting" properly. 
Perhaps not the poignant hips per se, but the size of my pelvis shows that I can wear women's jeans better and have an overall better fit because my pelvis is a bit shallower than the normal makle. 
I don't have the extra wide hips, but the jeans fit correctly. 
along with shoes, but my reason for shoes has more to do with flat feet than anything else. 

But i do like the short blunt rounded look on shoes and boots, so I go with that. 


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