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Agreed! So wonderfully said. Whether you are male, female, neither or both, bras are not for women, they are for breasts. All of us who gather here, were lucky enough that our bodies gave us beautiful breasts that we can support and shape in beautiful garments. 

As a man, I was so happy to find this site where other men also accepted and even celebrated their lady lumps. 

As a woman, I am still happy to be here and share what I have learned about my own breasts and the bras that I wear for my breast shape, and  outfit, and how my mood will play a part in what bra I pick out of my top drawer to make my day better ☺️ 💖 💓 😌. 

Love you guys ♥️💓💖🫂

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  You're all spot on.  When I get up in the morning the first person I love is me. 
It doesn't matter if one is  over weight, underweight, has wide hips, mountains or mole hills.  Be happy in your skin and with your skin.


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