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For the men that wear bras, we’ve learned a lot about bras, what styles work for us, getting fitted, sister sizing, etc.  How many of you have wives or girlfriends that wear ill fitting bras?  My wife could use a better fitting one, but would never go for a fitting or take any advice from me:). 
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Mine is a Texas Redhead with 40DDD. 

Cannot find one without spillage. 


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I have a close female friend that wears a 46 DDD wireless. I have been extorting the benefits of underwire bras for a long time , and she tried , but without getting fitted. I am fairly certain the she would be in a band one to two sized smaller, and the reverse in cup size. But letting a stranger do a proper fitting seems out of the question. And, we are not quite that close; though we do go shopping for support together.

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My wife wears bras that in my opinion are terrible fitting and does not  support her breasts.  I doubt anything I say would would make her change anything

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I occasionally tease my wife that I know more about bras than her. ;D

I honestly cannot say that she wears ill fitting bras, but I guess like many women, she has sometimes been unhappy with what she wears. My wife is a bit overweight and if nothing else I have been somewhat successful in convincing her that she should be looking for bras with wide bands and wide straps for comfort because they dig in less. It just so happens that I am also a fan of sturdily constructed bras. Sometimes, I have bought a bra for myself and I have invited her to try it on just to see if she likes that style. Over the years she has grown, and underwire bras have become more uncomfortable for her more often because of that; if she grows even half a cup size then all of her existing underwire bras may as well end up in the bin. Wire free bras are more forgiving and more able to cope with variances to breast size compared to what size they were at the time of purchasing underwires.

I remember several years ago she got professionally fitted, but the size recommended to her was way out of kilter with what she was wearing at the time. Apparently it was brand specific, and they didn't have any in stock of that size anyway, so a complete waste of time.

My biggest challenge is to stop her buying too many of what she finds comfortable at the time, due to the fact that her needs will probably change before too long. Probably applies to several people here too.


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Years ago before my own breasts erupted I had a gf who wore bras that were ill fitting, old, stretched and frayed. She hated wearing a bra and only wore one to conceal her nipples and keep the c/d+ flesh from bouncing when she walked. 

More than once I tried to get her to update her bra collection and bought gift certificates at Victoria's secret but she bought panties instead. 

Funny her style of dress in general was bordering on elegant. Go figure.

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my first wife was like that and now my new wife.on day about a month ago she asked me what website i bought mine so I helped her pick out some new ones. it amazes me that both of them dont know to much about bras, how to wash them , how to rotate them


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