Author Topic: Do you care if your bras straps show?  (Read 1567 times)


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I used to care, now recently I could care less.
I dont but now a days there are a lot of women that dont care. go to a wwalmart or any other stor
. ihave seen women grocery shopping withe straps and band showing
With my tank top on some of my band does show under my arms. The shoulders are wide enough to hide my straps.
But it's a lot cooler, so it's worth it.
I did sew up the arm openings some so it's less visible.
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I do my very best to conceal my bra. But there are those down shirt moments or gap in my button down shirt moments. I refuse to button my shirts up to my neck. Hate that. I know that some have gotten a glimpse of my bra and at this point in my life I just can’t worry about it anymore. What can I say?...I have boobs that stick out. I got tired of worrying about.
It’s either get them cut off or just stop worrying about it all and go on with life.
My decision has been to keep them and to deal with them the best I can. My wife of 42 years is the one who said to keep them also. Damn hormones!😝🤣🤣


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