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Being lactose intolerant, I grew up drinking soymilk everyday.
I also developed unilateral gynecomastia around the age of 13-14.
This had to be surgically removed a few years later.
soymilk is well known to contain natural estrogens, so it would make sense that this may have been what caused it.
I was always on the extremely skinny side, so this was not caused by excess fat affecting my estrogen levels.

I am just wondering if anybody else here has experienced this, or believes there may be a link between soy products and gynecomastia.
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Soy products do have some plant estrogens.  However, you would have to ingest an enormous amount in order for it to make a difference or to produce gynecomastia.  And even if it did provide estrogens for you, then it would be expected to affect both sides.  

Unilateral gyne is usually idiopathic (ie, we just don't know).

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Correct me if I am wrong, but you would have to also have a significant influence to interfere with testosterone production.  Age, castration, or medication that might be influencing an anti-androgen affect.
If none of that is present, I don't think even soy would make any difference to your hormone ratios.


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