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Here’s my poll:

AFTER Gynecomastia surgery, did you go out and tell everyone or just keep it to yourself?
Family?   Friends? story:

I’m 15 Days post op and things are going pretty well.   One side has a little scar tissue in a 1/4 moon shape under the left breast and one side is holding a little blood... no biggie.   I’m pretty happy so far.   Honestly the hardest thing for me was the first 5 Days having to walk around with those tubes, it was painful and a pain in my ass.    I am the kind of guy who works for himself so I had the luxury or not telling a lot of people and when I did I said I had shoulder surgery and everyone bought it.   And I am the type of guy who really doesn’t give a shit what people think but I’m finding myself NOT wanting to tell anyone.    Just wondering what most did as far as telling people... my wife is the only one that knows.

Thank you for reading.

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You do what feels right for you.  A few years ago, a young man came up with the best answer about his surgery that I can recall.  He said he had a growth removed.  "Not malignant fortunately, thank for your concern."
I was scheduled for a triple bypass august 15th and I decided to play it cool because I was informed in advance that after the surgery I would be in the intensive care unit fora day or so, then go to a regular room.   on about the 5th day, I would go home.  My recovery would take about 6 weeks.  It did not quite work that way. I was in intensive care for 9days, instead of going home, I went to a rehab facility.  one month after the initial surgery, and after only 3 days at home, I was back in the hospital for a second procedure to fixate the sternum which separated due to a lot of coughing.   The problem becomes one of deciding who is entitled to some form of explanation and how detailed that explanation should be.  The people who really mattered were mostly family and most of them had visited me in the Hospital so they really needed no explanation. Others might be curious, but do they really need or justify an explanation?  The answer depends on many factors.   If you were out of circulation for a week or less, then not much explanation is required.  Do they really care, or are they simply curious?  This is not a one size fits all situation.      
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Mr Dan had some good suggestions and I will add one of my own. Just say nothing unless asked. I have 42 C or D breasts and I really don't try to hide them. If someone asks "Do you wear a bra?" I answer yes I grew boobs about 8 tears ago. Nuff said.  I wear loose shirts and don't try make them stand out. The few that have asked were women giving hugs and all I have gotten was concern, no negative comments at all.
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