Author Topic: Turn down a better job to get rid of gyne?  (Read 4865 times)

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So I have been offered two jobs

Job 1: £30k+, a decent opportunity, though not exactly what I want
Job 2: just expenses, 1 year contract, amazing opportunity with an amazing organisation, free training provided, 6 months abroad, increased likelihood of employment after

Job 1 would allow me to save up fairly quickly the money required for me to pay some debts off and save up for gyne surgery. Gyne has blighted my life, and I'm sure many things would improve (though not expecting miracles) if I could get the surgery. Job 2, would mean I would have to live like a pauper for another year (I'm 24 yo atm), have to live with gyne for another year, but is an incredible career opportunity.

Which opportunity would you choose?

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I think I'd take the path that could lead towards longtime happiness and a more promising career. Thats what you expect from being rid of the gyne, anyway? right? You'll not have a similar opportunity, and the surgery will always be there for you.

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I have had gynecomastia since the age of 12. That would have been in 1949. I am now 74 yrs old.

In my entire life I cannot recall a single significant decision that was influenced in any way by the Gynecomastia.
Grandpa Dan

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You guys are right, and I knew what the response would be when I posted this, so it is all a bit moot. But I suppose framing it in terms of gyne makes me seem somewhat obsessed (which occasionally it can be). The wider issue is that, while I am not materialistic (or hopefully too superficial), it is tiresome not having the money to do what I want. Yes that includes gyne surgery, but also taking a holiday, buying clothes, just going for a drink etc, etc. I work in development, so I know even with the little money I am earning at the moment I am lucky, but I'm not sure I am able to turn down a decent salary when already presented with it. 


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