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I wear jeans and boots year round. A t shirt every day and a flannel in winter. I've always had a colder than normal body temperature, but put off a lot of heat and am comfortable in about any temperature. I have a few tank tops I wear in my shop during the summer, but otherwise I don't really worry about temperature change or rotating my clothes between seasons. My body will adapt...


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I have a couple skirts,  but I wear them in the house and my shop.
Good for you! 😍

I'm going to check the clearance rack at Torrid. I'll find something even if it's not on clearance. Maybe some of the other shops at the mall too. 💃

I also have lots of denim fabrics that I might make into skirts. 🤔
Something sturdy for doing things at home. No sense in wearing out a nice sexy $100 skirt around the house. 

Summer blouses 🤔, I was told I have been conservatively dressed enough at the center in the "blouses" I have worn so I'll buy more. 😉

I can hardly wait to go shopping, I'll be like a child in a candy store. 💖😍💖


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Well, my tanks have been too much for the day center and I have received quite the attention. I have instead switched to just some nice blouses. 
I have been trying to make things a bit more formal when going out, and my tanks can always be worn around the house. 

A friend of mine suggested the "Harper collection" from Torrid. I was looking at them and agree that those will work out just fine. I'll order a few of those as well. Yesterday I went in a Torrid t-shirt. I did notice the neck is much larger than a normal T, and when I would bend over my cleavage would really show. I have to be careful wearing that one. 

What are y'all wearing?


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