Author Topic: 3 months post surgery.............negative results, anyone else?  (Read 2690 times)

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almost 3 months post surg............not happy at all with results anybody else............feel like i wasted $6000.....cant see much improvement from month 3-6..........dont know what to do any advice?     

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Sometimes peoples opinions on themselves can be quite harsh. Post before/after pictures and we will be able to tell you if it's scar tissue or whatever the issue is.

Did you get excision and lipo or just lipo? A lot of people who get just lipo are left unhappy.

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Joe it would be helpful if you posted some pictures of before and after so we can give you our opinions. Like latediagnosis said people sometimes have the gyno thing imprinted in their brain that they cant simply process the fact that they dont have it anymore, and any change to the chest makes them think they got gyne back. Not long ago there was a member who posted pics of his before and after and he said hes unhappy with his results since his gyne came back but in fact he build 110% muscle and his chest got bigger and looked great.
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