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I had my gynecomastia corrections surgery done 7 weeks ago (tumescent lipo + glandular tissue excision).  The surgeon made the incisions on the side of the chest instead of the areola.  He said this would hide the scar better..not sure but has any other doctor also done excisions on the side of the chest, it seems as though all PS make the incision under the areola (u-shaped cut)?

Anyway, I'm 7 weeks post op and I have scar tissue on both sides of the incision such that im not flat, better than pre-op but far from flat as I was hoping.  I've been massaging and just started ultrasound.  I think it's scar tissue since i can feel myself molding and pushing the tissue in and i'm able to mold my chest to make it look this scar tissue or something else?  Also, I have 2 skin adhesions by the armpits that I have no idea how to get rid of..i'm massaging them but they don't seem to go away.  What have others done and what recommendations are there to reduce scar tissue? Massage, ultrasound, laser therapy?  I will try anything to make the scar tissue go away, I just want the final result to come quick.

Please provide any advice.

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updated pic following more massage..can any MD please comment on how to remove dry blood/seroma/hematoma fluid that has dried and hardened from the body??  Massage, ultrasound, laser? Please advise...thanks.

(right is before, left is 7 wks post op + massage)


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Believe it or not, there is active healing that continues for many months after surgery,  and it is not uncommon for the 4-10 week time frame for you to be very hard, tight and not what you signed up for.  This will soften over time, some of the swelling will disappear and the true results of your operation will emerge.  Now is not the time to be panicking or making judgements about the final results.

Best advice:  cool it -- go on with your life and give your body (and Mother Nature) adequate time to heal.

Best time to look critically:  six months post op -- not now.

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