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I had surgery in early January of this year with a very experienced and well regarded surgeon and all went well. Fairly soon afterward I noticed an indentation on my left chest just above the nipple, only when I flexed. I knew there was (and still is some) swelling and resolving blood, etc, so I wasn’t too concerned. It has persisted so I sent a photo to the surgeon who noted that it’s an adhesion. The contour at rest is perfectly normal (the right side still has a little lumpiness that I think will go away). The surgeon wasn’t too concerned but recommended massage and offered to check me, but I live half the country away so I probably won’t do that for awhile. He said it can take up to two years to see if it will go away, and we didn’t really discuss what could be done if it doesn’t resolve.

I’m overall pleased with the result. I’m 45 so I know I don’t heal like I used to and I didn’t expect perfection, but the indentation does look weird when I flex, even with normal motions like I might do at the pool. My question is, will this likely go away? Will massage help? What might need to be done if it doesn’t, and how effective is that treatment?

Thank you.

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Hello, I had my surgery 8 days ago. It looks great if I stand still but my nipples are a bit sunken when I flex. I am still a bit swollen so I am not too worried for now. Should I be? Has anyone had the same issue?


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