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Dear Community
I would like to share my post operation results and kindly ask for advices, what to do next to improve my condition.
My gyno was not so bad,  so after operation  I was surprised how much tissue was removed.
The surgeon did not perform liposuction just cut breast tissue along with fat tissue
It resulted to  bad crater deformity. (I think muscle was damaged as well)
What worries me most, is the left nipple, which looks horrible, its very puffy and shape is deformed.
My self confidence is at zero level and I dont think I will undress myself in front of someone anymore : (
Could you please advice what to do next?
Can my condition improve after next 2 months?
Will second surgery help to reduce my left nipple?
Many thanks
Sincerely Stefan

1. 4 weeks post surgery
2. 7 weeks post surgery
3. 11 weeks post surgery
4. 15 weeks post surgery

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Hi Again
To add more details
There was bad inherent bleeding on left side few hours after operation so Surgeon had  to open it again and drain it

I had  seroma  2 weeks after that

Nipple was glued to the base few  weeks post surgery  so I attended soft laser rebabilitation, which help me alot

Now its everything soft and movable, just thick scars underneath still persist

I massage both nipples daily

The surgeon told me, he left some breast issue under the nipples
I dont know, whether this can be reason of puffiness, but right nipple looks quite fine to me

Few Days after operation, my left nipple feels empty inside when pusshing (Like the hole inside)

I feel, my condition is getting worse

Many thanks again
Looking forward for your advices and comments
Sincerely Stefan

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Why on earth has nobody helped this man?

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Repost your question in the  "Ask a Doctor" section. 
I really hate to say this, but this is the kind of result people often get when price is more important than good cosmetic surgery credentials. 
Grandpa Dan


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