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Just inquring! I wonder whats the best type of clothing to wear after surgery.... for compression purposes!!???

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Your Surgeon will answer the question regarding the compression garment.  His instructions in this regard will be influenced by the extent of the surgery and what has been most beneficial in his/her experience. Follow the recommendations of your surgeon and ignore whatever you may hear from other sources.

As far as the outer garment, almost any easy to put on button up shirt would be fine. you may want to avoid pull on shirts for a little while as raising your hands above your head  may be an issue for a short time. This too depends upon the extent of your surgery so again your surgeon is the best source for information.
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wear some basketball shorts and ah tall tee!  (bigger shirt...very loose)  cause they gon have to put it on you and if it's a tight shirt it's gon hurt like hell raising your arms up and putting them through the arm wholes.
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