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Hi guys,

I am currently on my 7th day post-surgery and went in for my first post-surgery check-up today. I was able to see the results for the first time and was instantly filled with guilt and regret. I am concerned by result will not be good. I had my surgery at the Harley Medical Group in London with Dr Massimiliano Marcellino.

A little about myself
I am late twenties, and my brother who is several years younger had gyne surgery a few years back (with a post on this forum). His immediate post-surgery results looked great and his chest still to this day has continued to improve. He had his surgery with Karidis.

I have dieted down and got extremely lean over the years, but was always unable to keep the level of leanness I wanted without drastic measures. My diet is extremely clean, although I had to resort to liquid diets like the Velocity Diet to get to where I wanted and after the diet the fat came back.

My chest always looked good when I was cold or pumped from the gym but when I was warm my nipples looked puffy and misshapen.

The procedure
I opted for gyne removal via excision, with tumescent lipo of the flanks, chest and abdominal area.

The surgery date approached quickly, and I went in for my op at 7am last Tues (yes, 14th Feb- I am single so I thought why not).

The surgery was administered under general, and I was back in the recovery room feeling groggy and sore at midday. I ended up having drains put in; the surgeon came in to tell me he was surprised at the amount of gland present and that despite it not being his normal procedure he added drains as I bled more than expected.

He did not give me the specifics re the amount removed re lipo but as for the gyne he mentioned 20g(left) and 25g(right) of gland with 100cc fat total from chest. I was told to keep the garments on for 7 days without removing them. Underneath the compression vest I was eintirely bound with sticky surgical tape from chest to groin. This hurt like hell when removing and smelt pretty bad… No amount of baby wipes helped as I could not wipe under the surgical tape or remove the compression garments.

Here are my pre and post photos. I did not take many pre photos as the Surgeon took many on the day and before but i do not yet have access to these to post.

The nurse re-bandaged my chest as she said the nipples were not fully adhering to the chest yet and I have another appointment in a week. The incision sites for the lipo are healing fine but all the skin around lipoed areas is numb feeling…

The thing that concerns me the most is the look of my chest. Its looks abnormal. It looks misshapen.  I am distraught to be honest. I know the sites are swollen, and the post photos were taken straight after the bandages came off, therefore compression intents etc, but still, I am so worried. Please give me your honest views. Is it too early to tell?

Before Front:

Before Side (when relaxed and not cold, shows puffyness):

Right after surgery with drainage bottles:

7 days post surgery:

Close up of chest (this is where it gets scary...):

Close up of nipple:

Few hours later after a much enjoyed shower...:
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The first time I saw my chest after surgery, I had kind of the same reaction.  The sutures make it look like you're going to have a big scar, and I swore it looked like one of my nipples looked sunken in, like a deformity.  After the swelling went down, and sutures removed, things looked much better.  I'm about 2 months out from surgery, and the scars have all but disappeared.  The only way you could tell is if you're right up close looking, which no one is going to do.

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For one week post op, the results look quite good.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Most guys have surgery and then end up spending 23 out of every 24 hours looking at the mirror and agonizing over perceived imperfections.  RELAX and let your body heal.  I think you will be quite pleased in another few weeks.

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Greentea, take it easy mate...

we've got to give it many many months for our bodies to heal.  I'm sure the end result will be fine.

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You look fine mate some areas will be swollen some areas wont, this causes craters and creases etc. it can look way worse than it really is. Can i ask why you didnt go with karidis?

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Greentea, did your results turn out ok? I'm intrigued as just had surgery my self and concerned about the outcome.


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