Author Topic: How long after surgery will I be able to go to the beach and look normal?  (Read 1712 times)

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I can tolerate scarring that's only noticeable if you stare at it, just don't want people to look and immediately think "something's messed up with that guy's nipples". How long will it take to heal to such a degree? Would 2 months do it? I have a mild case of gyno, can post pics if that helps.

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I had no scaring at all on my nipples. When the tape fell off there was no trace of incisions.

They said I should be careful about getting sun because the tissue doesn't tan the same while it's healing. I had surgery in January of last year and by June I was in the pool with a little sun tan lotion on the nips. 

Healing was a slow and steady process. It's a year now and I still notice my chest changing in small ways. Growing all my chest hair back helped things. It came off from 6 weeks in the compression vest.

Everyone says that you should not judge things until long after the surgery. 6 months to a year or more. It's absolutely true. I spent time wondering if the surgery was a success. Worrying that I might need the dreaded "revision". I did my best to be patient and everything turned out fine. I am so thankful that I had it done. Major life upgrade.


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