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When exactly are we supposed to start massaging? I'm 1 wk post op and still a bit swollen and bruised. Massaging sort of hurts right now...any input as to when we should begin massaging to avoid scar tissue?

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You won't be able to avoid scar tissue, since it's a way for the body to heal it's self but it can help break it down when it starts to appear and reduce the duration of it.  My surgeon told me to start massaging around 3 weeks with standard body moisteriser. 

From the looks it it, most people on here do it 3 times a day for around 5 minutes.  I just do it when im in the shower and in bed.

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ditto, i was told to just press down on the scar tissue, and do it until it feels softer then move over to the next spot and keep doing it.


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