Author Topic: please tell me its gonna fix itself????  (Read 3224 times)

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I posted a message on here talkin about my surgery experience a couple of days ago. I'm having 2 problems!! The one I'm wonerding about is I had gyne on 1 side and my doctor wanted 2 make an cut underneath my armpit and put the tube and  suck all of it out. Not my chest peck's r the same size but " since I had gyne on 1 side my "Titty" hung about 1 inch lower that the one without. The lowest peak was basically right b4 u get underneath my arm. Its still about 1\2 an inch lower. So the pecks r the same size but it still looks like I have 1 breast. Is that gonna change?? If it doesn't do doctors usually go back and fix the problem or do u have 2 pay again? I'm goin 2 see him 2morrow so I wanna have an idea of what I wanna say 2 him. I'm not satisfied. Thanks

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Most reputable docs will fix the issue.  You will most likely have to pay for hospital fees though


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