Author Topic: Post Surgery Recovery - Things To Do - I Am BORED!!! NEED HELP!!!  (Read 342 times)

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Had gynecomastia surgery last Friday in Louisiana.  My results are already looking GREAT.  My doctor and nurse keep telling me I need to rest, but I am so bored.  I am not used to sitting around and doing nothing.  I am used to always working.  Any ideas of things I can do to keep myself occupied?

I am not allowed to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for 6 weeks.  I am about to go insane!  

I understand resting, but surely there is some form of "active rest" I can do.

Anybody else ever experience this?

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Congratulations! I'm coming up on two years. No regrets.

I remember those weeks after surgery. It was a special time. A lot of emotions. The thrill of what I did and the feeling of weakness and discomfort because my body had to heal. The joy and relief of healing.

I treated the list of rules as guidelines. I didn't always follow them. For example, I'm a cannabis user. I cut down but I never stopped. I enjoy a couple cocktails before dinner. Same, I cut down but didn't stop. I work for myself and spent a lot of time on the computer. There were a few snow storms that winter and my sons had to do all the shoveling. It was a nice break from all the physical things I normally to do. I made a project out of losing more weight and starting to exercise once the vest came off. In my late 50's I have a better body than I did at 19.


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