Author Topic: Re-vision where my doc "pulled the skin". Anybody heard of this?  (Read 1859 times)

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Dear fellow gynecomastia-sufferers, and ex-sufferers.

I had my excision and lip 6 months ago, went back for a revision yesterday due to the fact that although there was a major improvement I still felt my chest wasn't completely flat which I so longed it to be. The doc, said he couldn't take out anymore of the gland since it would "cut" the blood-flow and I might end up with my "skin dying" around that area as he stated it.

So he did some lipo, very little, he said there almost came nothing since according to him, there was/is no fat left, and now to the main question,

He said that he pulled my skin, I don't know if he cut it and pulled / tightened it or what he exactly did. I'm still in bandages so I can't see the results. Has anybody ever had this done and what do you think the result may be?

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i really dont know but it seems strange he would perform something on your and not completely explain it. was your skinloose?

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