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Yay for you, Sarge51!  ;D

Pretty soon you'll be back to fully working out etc., so don't worry you'll get there. You have a good holiday, too!

And Greatlakes, good luck on the revision. Keep us posted on that. Have a wonderful holiday, too.

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Day 44: Post OP

Happy NEW year, everybody!

I say that with a new found look on that phrase. It really is a new year for a lot of us on this forum.

I just wanted to post a few updates so far with the healing process 6 1/2 weeks in.

Swelling: The Left side still seems swollen with the scar tissue hardened beneath it. The doctor suggested just leave it be as the body slowly absorbs it so that the skin does not droop down. The Right side has become pretty flat, the skin has a little flap that has formed at the bottom. I am not in the least bit worried. My original chest was a nightmare compared to what I have currently, and the healing process still is in effect.

Bruising: The bruising is completely cleared on the Right side. The Left side still has some discoloration, but nothing like in the first few weeks where it was black/blue/yellow. The area of bruising on the Left side has drastically reduced in size.

Feeling: It's still very, very numb in the chest/nipple area, but that's normal especially at this stage in the healing process.

Scarring: The dried up blood where the slits were made beneath the nipples has slowly dried up and fallen off on it's own. There are some little areas left, I am not peeling them off or anything like that. Just allowing nature to take it's course.

Six and a half weeks into the healing process, and my thoughts:

For years I had always been insecure about taking my shirt off in public, in the locker room, or even at home. For a very MINOR cost (I know that the economy in the States is rough, but if I could put a price on gaining self confidence... I feel like I got away with the cost of the surgery for a steal), I have gained the self confidence that I wanted from the beginning. I had put this procedure off for so many years, due to the terrible excuses I would come up with. I have zero regrets in making this decision to get this procedure done. Keep in mind my chest is still not 100% through the healing stage, and already these words I stand by 100% of the way.

For those that may have been keeping an eye on my posts these past few weeks, I encourage you to walk down this path if your insecurity hinders you from enjoying life. For those of you that unlike me, are able to live with your gynecomastia, my utmost respect goes out to you.

It takes bravery and guts to deal with both sides of the situation. Dealing with it, and resolving it. One way or another, do not let this year pass you by with regrets or discomfort.

Find the courage to finally accept, or finally resolve the gynecomastia, brothers!
That being said, I wish everyone a happy start of their new year!

Greatlakes: I wish you the best of luck with your revision surgery. The Dr's name I messaged you with is an outstanding Dr. You will get the impression that you are in good hands within the first 5 minutes of talking with him. Do yourself a favor, and at the very least have a consultation with him.

Hi_Top: I couldn't help but laugh a few days ago when it was chilly out and I decided to run to the car when I got out of the gym. I am still taking things lightly, but as I ran... I didn't jiggle anymore! My chest was solid as a rock and I didn't have the uncomfortable feel of having to try and flex my chest to reduce the jiggle look, lol. I am slowly gaining my strength back and taking it easy as my body recovers. Either way, I figured I would share that little bit with you.

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Happy new year to you as well!

Sounds like you got some bruising and healing challenges but feel good about the change in appearance already. I had a rough healing time myself.

I am sticking with my original Plastic Surgeon in the chicago area. He is standing by his work, and revising for around 600 bucks. That is a commitment I respect. Second, I did present a challenge to him, having had a hack job gyne surgery 18 years ago and underlying hormone issues. Third, I do see results from his work last March, my hormone doctor agreed the work looks very good. The left side in particular could not make me more happy - for a 47 year old guy - my left side is very nice, almost proud of it! I am wearing all but the tightest of t shirts without too much embarrassment now. I could live with the right side being "slightly moobish" and unbalanced with left - I guess - but why?  I believe with a 30 min revision procedure, and 600 bucks, on the right side only - I can be finally done with my journey. January 31 is the date for revision.

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Day 140: Post OP

Hello friends, it's been such a long time since I've posted on these boards.
I just wanted to fill everyone in that has ever read any of my previous posts on my recovery.

Well, it's been almost 5 months now since I started my recovery process.

There seems to be some significant changes as my body heals more and more.

The swelling has gone down drastically from the first few weeks, but there still is some scar tissue that needs to be absorbed by the body that remains on the left side of my chest (the one that had more tissue to be removed from the start), and a little on the right side as well.

I'm told the final results are to be seen 6-12 months after the procedure is preformed. I can vouch for this as I can see the changes month after month, and still more to come.

My chest has taken more of a 'rounded' view from the side versus the old pointy/breast-like side view from a few months ago pre-op.

There are two things that I need to drastically improve since I have been slacking for the past few weeks. My cardio as well as my diet has been very poor. I've added on about 15-20 pounds that I would like to drop as soon as possible.

My next visit will be in August, which basically is about 4 months from now. So that should be plenty of time to reduce the unwanted weight, as well as view the 'final results' with my chest.

Once the scar tissue breaks down and is absorbed by my body, I will be very, very pleased. As of right now, I can tell I have more healing to do.

I'm far more comfortable wearing shirts, even though I've added unwanted pounds, still far more confident in the way I carry myself.

Even with the extra weight, it just makes me look 'bulky' or 'built' compared to fat and heavy breasted like before.

I would love to add some Before/After photos, but as I mentioned quite a few times already, I need to drop a good chunk of weight. So perhaps in the future.

I want to thank all of you that followed me along my journey from pre/post op on these forums.

A lot of the posts on here encouraged me to go through with the procedure, it would be an honor if any of my posts helped one of you either make that choice to go through with it, or at least inform you more about what to expect pre-post op. :)

This surgical procedure truly is a life changing experience.
It builds confidence, self-esteem, and over all gives your chest the appearance that should naturally display.

I wish you all the best with your recovery, choices, and for those brave ones, the ability to cope with gynecomastia.


(I will post a few months from now, with Before/After photos perhaps if all goes well!)

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Great to hear you're doing so well. See you in a few months.


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