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I am now 6 months post surgery. My right side i am happy with but my left nipple is folded over as the scar seems to be indented and tethered. When tensing or relaxed there is no crater on major deformity. It makes the appearance very uneven, i have been massaging rigorously without much success. It does look better when the nipple is hard but when soft it looks its worst. What is causing this and where do i go from here? 

I have attached as many photos as i can to try let you have all the angles.

Many thanks for any responses!

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I'd say it's a question for your PS at your next followup appointment.

Things were still changing for me at 6 months, so expect to be told it's too early to tell. In a year when you're long healed and gained or lost some weight or muscle things will look different.

FWIW, I think you look great. You're the only one who would notice it. Guys who never had boobs often have unevenness in their chests. 

If you have a before pic, please post it.


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