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Had gynecomastia surgery 7 weeks ago, 12/29/22. Immediately was very painful , but bearable with strong drugs. I think mostly swelling, but my chest looks bad. right side has a crease across the nipple and the left a weird lump and puffy.
Glad I found this forum, it gives me some hope of a better turn out.
I have had much pain most of the time since the surgery. At first started taking Aleve and it helped some; I was traveling and actually suffering a lot of pain. When I got home, I started taking 3 ibuprofen at a time around the clock and some days
1 oxycodone that I had from a back episode. At about 5 weeks the pain subsided for a day and I thought finally, so I began massaging some of the lumps. It was not particularly painful, but after that- very bad and I had to take the oxy and ibuprofen nonstop. I have also had random shooting sharp pains in my chest for most of the time since surgery.
The last couple of days has been ok, but I'm not doing any more massaging until all sensitivity is gone- I hope that's not too late.
My chest is still very sensitive and uncomfortable with even a loose t-shirt rubbing on it.

OK, at 11 weeks soreness finally gone. Still a bit of swelling and unevenness, especially the left side has a hard lump and the nipple is puffy, the right side looking more normal.
But have been gently pressing to hopefully even out the lump. Definitely more hopeful.
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