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Hi, I know that I defiantly have puffy nipples, I've had them for almost ten years now. I don't have out right breasts, just puffy nipples and I was wondering what the cost is in getting them fixed? I work out four or five days a week and I have a very physical job, what would be the recovery time also?

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You get them becasue you have gland behind the nipple.
You can take it out by direct ercision not lipo....

If you live in the Usa then i will advice you to go to Dr Bermant .
If you are in the UK then i would recommend either kadris or levick..
But if money is an issue you could go to poland. everything should not be more than £1500 in poland much much cheaper then uk.
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i went with Dr. Bermant, mine was 6200$.  Although I really worked slow for the first week, I was able to go back to work two days after doing construction.  There was little pain, no bruising and almost no swelling.  After four weeks you seriously cant tell Iv had an operation on the left nipple, to me its perfect.  The one on the right is very slighly noticable so far as the scar but at only four weeks out, I'm confident it will become less obvious with time.  If you do get surgery, go to a good dr instead of someone who doesnt know what the hell he or she is doing.  Get it done right the first time.  i hooked up with this chic last night and she completly didnt even notice the scars!  ;)

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Hella expensive dude what if you have unlateral gynecomastia anyone know the price of that??

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maybe you're health insurance will cover the payment... My operation in public hospital costs only 100$ lol ... i don't kiddin'.. but I expect the private hospitals are much better alternative. But I don't have money and i will try that way anyway  ;)
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The reason the girl didn't notice is because they could give a shit about your breasts. They are more into you pleasing them, they are not looking at your nipples. From my experience, I am a lean guy with some puffy nipple going on but every hot girl I've been with says , WOW, you have great Pecs...LOL...If you are going to do it, do it for you and no one else.  ;D


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