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Im 15 and ive had them for about a year. I get made fun of alot. Does anyone think they will go away? im vvery skinny and in shape

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There's a slight chance it could go away.  It's still pretty early in the game for you.  But as in most cases, if it is still there when you're 18, it's there to stay.

If you get made fun of, look at who's making fun of you.  I developed gynecomastia in sixth grade and went through the depths of hell in high school without ever being teased.  The only time I remotely got teased was when a girl that liked me called me some name.  Even then, I don't know if it was teasing about that.  If these are friends making fun, tell them that they need to quit.  If it is others that aren't friends, avoid them at all costs.  If it is family, start emotionally distancing yourself from them now.  Trust me, there have been parents that tease their own children with this condition.

You'll survive.  Even if it doesn't go away, surgery is the other option.  A good surgery where ever with whoever you want is attainable, it just takes some time.  Most guys get through this on their own anyways, so you've got pretty good chances.  Think of yourself as lucky, this is something that is going to teach you a lot about yourself.  I believe any guy who has had this condition grows from it in some way.
Age: 19
Had gynecomastia since age 12.
Surgery performed on July 18, 2008 by
Dr. Jeffrey Wagner in Indianapolis, IN.
(Excision and Liposuction)

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Yeah, you can get through high school with it, although it's a little bit of a bitch. There's plenty of ways to hide it, but I'm almost 20 and I'm sick of hiding myself so I'm going to have surgery this summer. I had them since I was about 11 and it's completely ruined my confidence in many ways.


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Im 15 and ive had them for about a year. I get made fun of alot. Does anyone think they will go away? im vvery skinny and in shape
There can be a great deal of emotion and stress living with gynecomastia as you can learn about by watching the video I posted on that link.

Being patient helps, in most cases puberty gynecomastia goes away on its own. Gynecomastia that has not resolved by two years typically does not go away.

Check out my Teenage Gynecomastia Gallery.  Here you can find pictures before and after my gynecomastia surgery performed on teenagers and adolescent males.  The small image here will link to its much larger image - you can click on the details about this patient, the problem, surgical solutions, and results.

Here are some specific examples:

Male Breast Reduction in 16 year old Teenager

Male Breast Reduction in 17 year old Teenager with Klinefelter's Syndrome

Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction in 15 year old male with Klinefelter's Syndrome

"How old should you be before considering Gynecomastia Surgery" are very common questions.  What age depends on many factors. 

We have many patients, family members, and parents who have raved how a compression garment can really help while waiting for surgery or until stabilization of a problem.

Body shaping garments are a good temporary contouring solution.  They do not help remove or treat gynecomastia.  When the garment is removed, the gynecomastia is still there.  They can provide an emotional band-aid for the stress of contour issues and bouncing tissues.

You can see actual examples of Compression Chest Contouring Without Surgery for different types of gynecomastia here:

Compression Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

Body Shaping for Puffy Nipples

Body Shaping Compression Contouring for Overweight Male - This one shows the Black Vest in use.

Body Shaper Compression Garment for Severly Obese Male

Check out the multiple views for each patient. Clink on the links to see other views of the garment and features of this design I prefer.  We have tried many other brands and none seem to come close to what this one offers.

After surgery compression garments do not do well in pool water or sea water.  The salt or chlorine can damage the fabric.  There are Sun Protection Clothing Options designed for water use. 

A wet suit can also help.  Using a thin neoprene like Microprene can flatten the chest in water like a compression garment can help on land.  The after surgery garments do not work well in water, the wet suits do.  Both can be hot to wear, that is why I prefer a very thin garment.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Learn More About Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction


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