Author Topic: "Liquid Bandage" doesn't work?  (Read 4546 times)

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Hello guys, recently I bought a product called "Spray Plaster" which is probably the same thing as liquid bandage.

I've read about this a lot and people getting satisfied by them.
I immediately rushed to the store and bought this product for a reasonable price.

I pinched my nipples so they get hard then I sprayed my nipples and constantly blowing it for a good 40 seconds. My nipples were hard for like 2 minutes and then they start to get puffy again.

Should I buy order New-Skin from Amazon or should I discontinue the use of this "Spray Plaster" or is there any alternative/remedies of making your nipples hard 24/7?

PS. yes they form this white layer where you can peel off

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if you want to keep your nipples "HARD" the only way i know of is to get them peirced and a bar inserted .i did 10yrs ago and they have been hard since.


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