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Hello, I am 21 years old and 6'8.  I have a history with gynecomastia, around 16 years old I went to see a surgeon with my family who conducted surgery on me because I had from what I recall, a stacked quarter feeling in my breast.  This was surgically removed.  Since then I have been a very vicious weight trainer as my sport demands it.  My problem which I have is very puffy nipples and large areolas (aka pepporoni nipples which I've become well aware of from my peers).  My body fat percentage is around 7% and I weight 230 lbs.  If pictures are necessary I'd be more than happy to share those with the community.  I was just wondering if there was something I can do about this as lifting and my body fat are not the issue in this circumstance.  Thank you.

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YEah - those of us with low body fat are all too aware that being lean and working out doesn't help :(

There are some surgeons who frequent the site and will offer advice to people, and it seems that posting pictures is usually a big help for them.

But also - there are many people here who are very familiar, and experienced with the subject and could help out too. I'd say post some pictures if you like....

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Here are some photos attatched.

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They look fine to me in those small pics. Got any large pics?

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Agree.  You still have puffy nipples with relatively wide areolas.

In patients I have treated similar to you, with appropriate surgery the puffiness can be diminished and sometimes the areolar diameter will decrease as well.

Strongly suggest you consult with an experienced gyne surgeon to take a look at you and render an opinion for revision surgery.  Something can indeed be done.

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