Author Topic: Puffy or Not ??? TELL ME  (Read 2793 times)

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So I Read You Only Get This Puffy Nipple Stuff During The Ages 12 To 16 or 17. Well Im 26 An I Still Have Mine They Never Went Away. Got Them At 12. 
Now My Nipple Sometimes Reacts To Weather Or What I Wear. Like It Will Go Back To Looking Like A Normal Chest For A Good 5min Then Change Back To Its Regular Size. The Tissue Around My Nipple Is Hard. I see Many Of You Are Saying You Push The Nipple In An Some Crap Happens. Well If I Push My Nipple In Nothing Happens. 
Now I Know Some People Who Actually Have Man Boobs With The Nipples An Harden. But They Didn't Go Throw The Puffy Nipple Phase. My Lil Man Boobs Get Bigger & Smaller Every Other Week, I Asked My Doctor But He Was To Amazed That A 6ft 2 Person Has A Condition Like This An I Believe He Said The First Thing That Came To His Mind So Someone Please Tell Me What This Is


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