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So just about a year ago I got gynocomastia surgery for both sides. Prior to the surgery my nipples and areola were stretched pretty wide due to the gland pushing it forward. Till this day, I’ve only had one minor flare up on my left side but I controlled it successfully. Nonetheless my areolas (when not stimulated) are still pretty stretched (1.5inch diameter) and appears to be a good amount of loose skin when I flex my pecs because my areolas fold and ripple a bit. I’m very lean with a built chest, and I know they aren’t going to return to normal size.
I’m wondering if this is permanent, after having had gyno for two years untreated?
Would areolar reduction surgery be the best bet for me, and how much would I be spending approximately?

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Some guys have naturally large areolas.  For most guys, adequate gyne surgery will remove a lot of underlying tissue and as a result, the areolar diameters will diminish in size on the operating table.

Therefore, it is possible that you simply have large areolas and might benefit from an areolar reduction.  Or, you may have had incomplete removal of your gyne and could benefit from revision surgery and consequent anticipated areolar size reduction.

Best to return to your surgeon to discuss.

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