Author Topic: Back to Square one -6.5 months after second surgery  (Read 3752 times)

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Here is the story of an unluckiest guy in the world.

I had my first surgery 10 yrs back when my surgeon removed the glands(hopefully) but failed to remove excess fat,and also didn't advice to wear compression garment,as a result a failed surgery.

All these years,my school/college/office life were spent in humiliation and embarrassment at my

After some much research and consideration about 6 months back during the month of Feb ,I had my revision surgery with Dr.Anantheshwar-Bangalore with lots of expectations but even this time luck didn't favour me.

Again,it all ended up in a mess,but this time more damage caused,as I'm butchered  >:( .

Immediately post-op,it felt pretty ok assuming that everything will be fine in upcoming months but it was other way around.As the months passed it got worsen and I'm feeling absolutely dejected now.Already enough money and time spent,not sure what else can I do to get rid of this absolute sin.

Please have a look at my post and pre-op pics.

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hey hi,

can you share your number or gmail.
i also doing research on all this and about to go for sergery now....

you suggestions can helpful to me and my research also can help you out...
My mail ID -
first mail me ...we will discuss there....

See ya


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