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Hey all,

After a several year hiatus from this board, I've returned. I had surgery, but I find myself largely unsatisfied with the results. I'm still equally uncomfortable taking my shirt off with my girlfriend or at the beach. However, I will say the gyno surgery has made a huge difference of how I think my chest looks with a shirt on, so that part I'm happy about.

I can't remember when I took the pictures shortly after the surgery, I want to say a week or so but I could be wrong. And I apologize for the current pictures (2 years post-surgery) being so bad. I took them in 2 different areas, and the lighting seems to be equally bad in both.

My right nipple bothers me the most, but the left isn't good either. Both are still quite large (didn't do much to eliminate the "pepperoni" or "salami" nips as my teammates used to say). The scarring is significant, and I'd really like to have that fixed. I'm hoping now that I'm very focused and motivated about exercising and losing weight that I can eliminate the remaining fat in both breasts. But if I do end up getting a revision, I wouldn't object to the doc taking any remaining tissue/fat out at that time.

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon, and one that came highly recommended from some of my mom's friends. I should have known when he didn't have a bunch of results pictures to show me that he wasn't the best surgeon for the job. I was under the misguided impression that a good plastic surgeon can do a good job on any plastic surgery procedure. He offered about a year ago to do a revision of the scarring for a nominal fee, but I hesitated this time around. If he couldn't get it right the first time, how do I know he'll do any better this time? I've been wondering if it'd be worth saving up to have an entire revision done to fix the initial surgery.

EDITED: No idea why the photos don't show. If I right click and copy URL or open URL in new window they open just fine.

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Only you can decide whether it is better to return to your original surgeon or go to another surgeon for the revision.  To help you, it might be wise to consult an experienced gyne surgeon simply to gain insight as to what might be needed to be done.  Then return to your original surgeon for a discussion.  If you have doubts (oftentimes a gut feeling works best), then seek another surgeon.

Would also try to lose as much weight as possible so that you are at your best weight going into surgery.

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