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I got surgery approximately 4 months ago. I went great and I could not have been more pleased.. I noticed what appears to be lumps and tissue start to come back after a couple months.. After the swelling went down, the doctor and an endocrinologist agreed tissue had returned.. I'm currently getting tests done to see if there is an underlying issue.. Has anyone had this issue? If so, can anything reverse it? Or only additional surgery? Thanks

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Swelling comes and goes.  We hear from people a lot with stories similar to yours.  The good news is that usually by the time a year has passed the situation settles down and they are happy after all.  At this point, stay in contact with your surgeon, but wait for any surgical revision.  
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I have had two operations for recurrent gynecomastia with no hormonal imbalance. I'm sure that by massaging too much you can encourage growth of new breast tissue. There was a study of German soldiers who hit their rifles against their chest during drills and it caused gynecomastia in the side the performed the chest tap on. 


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