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I had my surgery 1.5 years ago, there is still hypertrophic scarring on the nipple, and a blulge of glandular tissue on the side of my chest and armpit area, its about half the size of a fist.

Are there procedures that remove the gland by making an incision near the armpit? How does one excise tissue far away from the nipple?

Can lipo remove any glandular tissue, or only fat?

Thanks, I will be making appointment soon with a surgeon

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A hypertrophic scar need not require surgery in many instances -- merely an injection or two of kenalog or similar medication.

As for residual tissue (fat, gland or both), that is best explored with your original surgeon.  Perhaps it indeed is residual tissue.  But sometimes it can be scar tissue -- which again can be treated successfully with injections -- without additional surgery.  On the other hand, if it is indeed residual tissue, that perhaps revision surgery would be indicated.

I have been successful in revising surgery from other surgeons by utilizing my own designed cannula, which is sharp and able to remove both fat and gland -- through a small nick in the skin on the sides of the chest.  It works well -- but if I encounter extremely dense breast tissue, it may not be totally successful.  I then have some other instruments to try -- again through the same nick in the skin.  If again unsuccessful, then I might have to go back in through the peri-areolar incision -- but that is my last choice.

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