Author Topic: Anyone going to Tijuana, Mexico?  (Read 7758 times)

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I speak fluent english & spanish but I've never been to TJ.  I would like to have this procedure done, but I would like to be in and out of there ASAP.  I also haven't told anyone that I will have this done as I've always kept my gyno private.  Either way, I'm mainly looking for someone to buddy up with to get down there and back with.  I live in Las Vegas so if you live around here that would be best, but someone in Socal is good too- preferably if you have someone that can drive us there and we just get it done the same day..

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hey, if you're going there, I'm going back there this Friday to get my stitches removed.  Where in TJ were you thinking about getting the surgery done with?  I've had my done by Dr. Salas last Thursday, and there's a couple of other members that had theirs done by him as well.  If you're interested send me a private message and we can discuss the details.  Dr. Salas will usually request the patient to be there at 8am if you wanted the surgery done the same day.  You'd most likely have to make the appointment first, I don't think you can just do a "walk-in" gyno surgery.  Either way, being able to speak Spanish is a definite plus, but not a necessity, I only spoke a bit of Spanish and I was able to get around down there just fine.  I didn't tell anyone about my surgery, and it's been almost a week post-op for me as well, and no one have noticed yet. 


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