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has anyone ever heard of "gosculptura"?...they seem to offer plastic surgeries in Argentina...they'll quote an inclusive package, from travel cost, accomodation and pre and post op needs...does anyone have any experience on this?

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I took less than a blink of the eye to say yes to my hubby when he proposed marriage, but for a butt implant it took me no less than a year! Well, what can I say, butt implant is a big, big decision for a girl and I wanted the results to be perfect, just like my marriage!

A big, unshapely, sagging behind can dent any girl’s confidence, and I was no different. But I lived with it, simply because I couldn’t shell out $5,000. I started hitting the gym instead, hoping it would help.

Well, all the sweating didn’t make an inch of difference. However, going to the gym helped in another way. In my third month I met Samantha who had an enviable behind. She confided in me (we had become the closest gym buddies ever) that she had had a butt implant last year in Argentina for as less as $2500 (the cost was all inclusive).

Without wasting a minute, I called her provider They offered me the same package, plus a discount. And soon I was in Buenos Aires visiting my surgeon and finalizing my surgery.

My surgeon spoke fluent English and was trained in the US. He answered all my questions and explained everything involved. The surgery was successful and the medical staff took great care of me for the next two days. After which I recuperated in a nearby hotel, where I was accompanied by a personal nurse for one week.

I was under impression that 2 week recovery would be sufficient, but from my surgeon I learned that as my procedure was intra-muscular, I would need 3 weeks for recovery. I wish I had known this beforehand, as it affected my plans a little. However, otherwise, I am completely satisfied with my results and now, after six week, have started doing all activities like before.


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