Author Topic: Medical Tourism / Surgery in Mexico Question for Americans Who Did It Abroad  (Read 7265 times)

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So I'm getting the will, courage, money, and time together to get the surgery done.  I live in Southern Cali and got 3 consults done by different physicians.  They're all ranging around $7000, which is a TON of money (apparently, the economy has not driven down prices on everything just yet). 

Not that I take my health lightly, but I also can't afford to do it at these prices.  I am seriously considering going abroad and getting the work done.  Obviously, I'm nervous:  while our health care system is messed up, it's also likely safer than abroad, for the most part (i.e. you get what you pay for).  Wanted to hear about any recent overseas/out of the country experiences, especially if it's somewhere in Mexico (i.e. close by).  I've seen a lot (A LOT) of posts on these boards about guys going to Tijuana to get the work done.  The accounts are SO glowing, my "this is an ad" alarm goes off, but there are more than a few of them and not just from one doctor.  Obviously, another factor in this RE Mexico is the recent upswing in violence against Americans, but let's factor that out of the discussion for now...

Anyone have an experience to share (or a link to one posted elsewhere)? 

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Hey, I don't know if you have had your surgery yet but my experience in Mexico was positive.  I had my work done by Dr. Alfredo Meza in Cuernavaca which is pretty safely removed from the border. 


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