Author Topic: Are reviews for Dr. Jaime caloca real?  (Read 9854 times)

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His reviews on this forum seem too shady for me, they're all way too long and detailed... they're just not what you'd expect from the average review. I know I need to get this surgery done, and I can't afford $5k. I'm getting old and I'd rather get this done at a younger age. So I'm thinking between Dr. jose luis sala vs Jaime Caloca. I know for Jose Luis has other surgeons working for him, so it actually wont be him that does the surgery, I even confirmed this with them. I've heard bad things about both of them when it comes to face job, but that's understandable.. Gyncomastia is a bit more forgiving then having something done to your nose or eye.
Anyways, any ideas or recommendation?  

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I've met him personally, hes real profesional and nice. i trust him.


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