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I just so ready to have this surgery and I'm thinking of traveling to mexico to have it done.  I've saved $5000 which is not even close to what I need to have the surgery in my city (NYC).  Does anyone have any experience in gyno surgery in mexico, doctors, facilities, I just want to get rid of this thing for good.

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if you use the site search engine you can find stories of people who have, like those who worked with jaime caloca.  on the other hand, if you can't do nyc, there are other docs in the country you could probably find in the 2500-5000 range, though they're harder to find, and you still want to be careful that they're specifically well experienced in gyne.  if you're willing to travel, even within the us, it can make quite a difference in price.  try searching even with price-related keywords and see what you can find and maybe contact the person who posted about their experience with the person.   
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